Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some Facts about Amphibians

Largest Amphibian Chinese gaintsalamander
Average length 1m
Longest ever recorded 1.52 m
Weight 11 to 13 kg.
Largest Frog Goliath Frog (found in Africa)
Length of body 33.5 cm
Largest Toad Probably marinetoad (found in South America)
Length 22.9 cm.
Largest Newt Ribbed newt (found in Africa)
Length upto 40 cm
Weight 450 g
Highest Toad Common toad
One found in Himalayas at 8000 m
Most Poisonous Kokoiarrow-poison frog (found in South America)
A tiny amount of toxin is enough to kill a man.
Smallest Newt Striped newt (found in USA)
length 5.1 cm

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