Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some facts about Birds

Largest Bird (Flightless) North African Ostrich
Height (male) 2.74 m
Weight 156.5 kg
eggs up to 20 cm long
Largest Wing Span Wandering albatross (found in Southern Oceans)
Average length (male) 3.15 m
Largest ever recorded 3.6 m
Smallest Bird Helena's humming bird (found in Cuba)
Average length (male) 5.8 cm
(head and body 1.5 cm)
Weight 2 g
Egg 1.14 cm long
Rarest Bird Mauritius Kestrel (found in Mauritius)
About 5 are thought to remain.
Fastest Bird Spine-tailed swift (found in Russia and Himalayas)
flies at 171 kph
Longest Flight Arctic tern
May cover 40,000 km a year migrating from Arctic to Antarctic and back.
Fastest Under Water Gentoo Penguin swims at 36 kph
Largest Nest Bald eagles
one was 2.9 m wide and 6 m deep.

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