Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some Facts about Fishes


Largest Fish (Plankton-eating) Whale Shark
Largest ever recorded 18.5 m long.
Largest Fish (Meat Eating) Great white shark (the man-eater)
Average length up to 4.57 m.
Heaviest Bony Fish Ocean sunfish is the heaviest
largest ever recorded 2.28 tonnes.
Longest Bony Fish Russian sturgeon or Beluga
Length up to 8 m
Fastest Fish Probably Sailfish
fastest ever recorded 109 kph
Most Poisonous Fish Stonefish (foundin Indian and Pacific Oceans)
Poison carried in spines can cause a person's death within a few hours.
Most Electric Electric eel (found in South America)
can produce 400 to 500 volts.

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