Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some Facts about Mammals

Largest and Heaviest

Blue Whale
Average length 30.5 m
Largest ever recorded 33.58 m
Pregnant female may weigh 203 tones

Smallest Land Mammal

Kitti's hog-nosed Bat (Found in Thailand)2
Wing span 16 cm
weight 1.75 to 2 g

Smallest Marine Mammal

Probably Heaviside's dolphin (Found in South Atlantic)
Length 1.22 m
Weight 41 kg

Rarest Mammal Rarest Mammal

Aspecies of tenrec from Madagascar is only known from a single specimen.

Fastest Mammal

Cheetah (found in Africa, Middle East, W. Asia) can run at 100 kph over short distances.
Pronhorn antelope (Found in USA)
Can run at 60 kph over long distances.

Slowest Mammal

Three-toedsloth (found in South America) covers about 5 m a minute in trees, and only 2 m aminute on the ground.

Highest Mammal

Yak (found in Tibet and China) climbs to 6000 m to feed.

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