Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some facts about Reptiles

Largest and Heaviest Estuarine Crocodile (found in Asia, Australia)
Average length (male) up to 4.3 m
Longest ever recorded 8.23 m
Largest Lizard Komodo dragon (found in Indonesian Island)
length up to 3 m
largest Turtle Pacific leatherback turtle
Average length (male) up to 2.13 m
weight up to 363 kg.
Fastest Amphibian (On Land) Six-linedracerunner (found in USA)
can run at 29 kph
Fastest Amphibian (In Water) (In Water) Pacific Leatherback turtle can swim at 35 kph
Longest Snake Reticulated Python (found in India and South-east Asia)
Average length more than 6 m
Longest ever recorded 10 m
Most Poisonous Snake Sea Snake (found in North West Australia)
Most Poisonous Land Snake Fierce Snake(found in Australia) has most toxic venom.

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