Thursday, June 25, 2015

People's Budget

Delhi's Aam Admi Party's Government has presented it's first Budget in Delhi Assembly today.
Government has proposed to double the expenditure for education sector.

Following are the highlights of AAP govt's  Rs. 41129 crore budget.

* Pilot project for swaraj budget in 11 constituencies with each constituency getting Rs 20 crore.

* Every district to get a Delhi District Urban Development Agency for micro-management of issues.

* E- governance and m-governance to be promoted.

* Rs 50 crore set aside for free Wi-Fi in all private colleges.

* Rs 9,836 crore for education. Out of a total 1,011 schools 50 schools to be developed as model schools.

* Special training programmes for teachers as well as exchange programmes.

* 20,000 new teachers to be appointed and to make teachers more accountable, CCTV cameras will be installed in all classrooms in government schools.

* Government school playgrounds to be made available to children from colonies. If private schools don't work with transparency, strict action will be taken against them.

* Amendment to be made to make private schools more accountable. Planning a 'skill university' to make Delhi into a knowledge and skill hub.

* Diploma courses will be started in each government polytechnic college and the number of seats to be increased by 100.

* Rs 4,787 crore has been allocated for health. 1,000 neighborhood clinics to be opened, out of which 500 will be completed this year, Rs 125 crore has been allocated for this.

* Proposal to have integrated fare for public transport, study for the same is on.

* Rs 5,085 crore have been allocated for transport. By the end of 2016, 1,380 low-floor buses, 500 mini buses and 1,000 cluster buses will be brought in, 1,200 new bus shelters to come up in the city.

* For women's safety, CCTVs in all cluster and DTC buses will be installed. Hostels for working women to be set up.

* Rs 927 crore set aside for social welfare schemes. Families of police, home guard, civil defense personnel who die in line of duty will be given Rs 1 crore by the government.
Though I am not supporter of AAP and it's way of dealing and presenting several issues, I have always a fascination for idea of self rule through micro democratic organizations. A government which looks after education system seriously is a government which is really able to understand the idea of governance.

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